My I has painful memories
of stupidity, of incomprehension,
of humiliation and failure.
Maybe that’s why it dreams so much
Dreams of controlling the future
of being the ally of chance
of having good luck
of Destiny expressing itself in its favor
of being recognized
of keeping everything under control
of having its survival guaranteed.
It spends a lot of time there
in the Control Tower of the Flight of Daydreams
imagining situations
trying to control its fear of the future. 

Observing all this
meditating on how boring and repetitive this situation is
I made a request from deep within me
for something I really need:
a new control in the Flight Tower. 

Then, in response to my request, I felt
an immense joy
and an enormous sensation of freedom
I felt that there in the profound
hides the profound I
the I of intentionality
the I that creates new dimensions
in space and time
the I that does not fear the future because it knows
that the future is eternal and always new
the I that looks at the world from a new placet
hat is clean and crystalline
the I that begins to express itself
by fulfilling my request. 

Jorge Espinet
July 4, 2007


Fugacidad de Altasombra

February 10, 2007

Altasombra en el sueño, 

Sueño, en el amanecer. 

¿Aman mi ser, 

altas sombras 

del sueño? 


En la luz matutina 

altasombra se pierde, 

a su mundo regresa. 

A la propia luz. 

Septiembre 10, 1998.