River of the Future

September 6, 2007

When with deep knowing
I look into the Future
I see a river
Full of boats and sunlight
and fishes

A river of warm joy
where Fear is but a fleeting shadow

My Guide smiles and beckons
Opening the way
with flower petals
on the water
gliding before me
Wise as the Sun
and the Sea of Light

And All Worlds Open for me

And I sleep deep
On the Waters of Life
That Tomorrow
Is Eternal

Tridi Richards
September 1, 2007


Being in Touch

March 23, 2007

When I am in touch
I am at peace.

When I am in touch with my body,
I move slowly
touching the surface of the world
feeling the pleasure
of each movement
molecules rolling past each other
in motion
the pleasure of contact
like the contact between you and me
me and myself
myself and my Guide
the touch of Love

Sometimes I try to get ahead of my body
to catch it from the future
so it cannot get away
and die
and then I lose touch with it
and this makes me afraid

Sometimes I want to possess you
and I leap into the future and turn around quickly
to catch you before you can escape
not noticing that that is how
I lose touch with you
and that losing touch with you
is what makes me afraid

but I am never truly lost
because then
the divine fear-juice
prickles me with pain
in a kindly signal from the Universe
to slow down
pay attention
get back in touch
with my body
with my Being
with Your Being
and the Being of the earth
where I am at peace.