Some haikus

August 13, 2007

Liberty revealed

   Itself amid turbulence

 Calmed by silent mind.


Ignorance obscured

    The horizon that beckons

 On illumined path.


Ones being within

   Struggles to reach the light

To live to Become.


Thelma Juarez

Written while on personal retreat
n Reconciliation-Aug. 8, ‘07


Some Verses

August 13, 2007

Water seeks its own level

Yet must move on.

Stagnation invites creatures

From the deep while the ocean,

Vast, infinite patiently waits.

Life’s essence is the same
In its quest for fruition.
It sleeps only to rest to say awake-
Or remain asleep while a glorious dawn
Ushers in a- never-ending –
New Beginnings.


When in reverie
    Some sounds and movement can jolt
When in wakefulness
    Same sounds and movement
Are rhythm and rhyme
    Of the music of life
In its eternal dance.


Thelma Juarez 

Began Aug.10, completed Aug.11, 07


April 18, 2007


Blow chaste wind

Push away the dust and rubbles

Pour tenderly sweet rain

Parched earth awaits you

Shine bright light

Dispel the shadow


Above ground,

Tendrils of new expression

Of life palpitate

Underneath the stars

As its beginnings intimate

A glimpse, a sound

A shimmering garb

A bustle of melody

Gratefully, joyfully

Tendrils no more

Buds eagerly peak

Out of its bough

A Life seems poised

To Grow.



IT Matters…

March 23, 2007

 What one does daily
  In the name of Coherence
     Where the heart accompanies the head
       And lead the actions of the body
Strengthens mankind’s need for unity. 

What one does daily
   In the name of Solidarity
      Accompanied by compassion
        And tolerance of each other’s subjectivity
Nourishes mankind’s need for a sense of belonging. 

What one does daily
    In the name of Peace
        Flavored with Compassion
          And  oriented by Faith in life’s eternity
Constitute mankind’s gift to Humanity.

splice of cycles and rythm

February 16, 2007


Vacuous but not empty, tembling yet without fear,

Unknown yet sensed. An intimation.

Darkness  unveiled  as mere shadow cast

along  the rivers of dreams and illusions  of creatures becoming creations and creators.

 Resplendent,  dawn ushers in from the future a beam on Now, Then and Beyond.

Like silent breeze, a whisper: Fear not the light that burns the skin to reach the heart.


Silence swept away emptiness full of debris,

rain trapped in winter quenched the thirst of spring…

Light, freed  once more reaches out to the sun its womb a rainbow.

Thelma Juarez