River of the Future

September 6, 2007

When with deep knowing
I look into the Future
I see a river
Full of boats and sunlight
and fishes

A river of warm joy
where Fear is but a fleeting shadow

My Guide smiles and beckons
Opening the way
with flower petals
on the water
gliding before me
Wise as the Sun
and the Sea of Light

And All Worlds Open for me

And I sleep deep
On the Waters of Life
That Tomorrow
Is Eternal

Tridi Richards
September 1, 2007


Bifor ai dai

August 14, 2007

Bifor ai dai

For Ken. For friendship. 

Before the day
When I will pass across the river
Walking on the invisible bridge
Where The Luminous waits

Where The Luminous Beings
Are waiting for my soul
To take me in their hands
To lead me to The Land. 

To the land where The Sacred
Is weaving with silence
On Fathomless Depths
The eternal tissue of life. 

¡ Oh, soul of mine !
Before the day when I will die
Help me to know the essential truth of life,
To Learn to give thanks,
for the wind, for the sun,
for the elk on the dawn
for the smile of my daughter
for the joy of the son,
for the mystery of life. 

Before I die,
Help me to get a glimpse
Of this eternal life.
Before I die, my soul,
Bifore aidai. 

Isaias Nobel
Agosto 10, 2007.

Some haikus

August 13, 2007

Liberty revealed

   Itself amid turbulence

 Calmed by silent mind.


Ignorance obscured

    The horizon that beckons

 On illumined path.


Ones being within

   Struggles to reach the light

To live to Become.


Thelma Juarez

Written while on personal retreat
n Reconciliation-Aug. 8, ‘07

Some Verses

August 13, 2007

Water seeks its own level

Yet must move on.

Stagnation invites creatures

From the deep while the ocean,

Vast, infinite patiently waits.

Life’s essence is the same
In its quest for fruition.
It sleeps only to rest to say awake-
Or remain asleep while a glorious dawn
Ushers in a- never-ending –
New Beginnings.


When in reverie
    Some sounds and movement can jolt
When in wakefulness
    Same sounds and movement
Are rhythm and rhyme
    Of the music of life
In its eternal dance.


Thelma Juarez 

Began Aug.10, completed Aug.11, 07

Our Sacred Land

August 8, 2007

Oh, my friend,
On the path, on the golden path,
Come along with me
Come along with us
With our naked hands
We are the sacred children
Walking together on the dawn
Looking for the marvelous
For the light
Asking for astonishment
With fully opened hearts
Entering the Land, the Poetic Land
Where gods and human beings
Meet to celebrate creation
To celebrate the Universe
To celebrate life
That Land where heaven and earth
Are no more opposed
Where mind and feelings
Become the wings
Of  an unique, wonderful bird,
That leads us to discover the Sacred
That lives in all of us.

Isaias Nobel

La Cazadora, august 5, 2007.

 It spoke to me
Yes, it spoke to me with
Wildflowers and butterflies,
Greensward grabbing my legs
As if to say, “We belong to each other.
I am the land, you the human and I
Know that you will nurture me.
Let me grow in beauty and in spirit,
To become a holy place
For peace-seekers, place-seekers,
Wanderers with Open hearts.” 

I have stood on this land in the rain,
The air cold and snapping breathless at
My heels…
I have been breathless with the heat,
Running from shade to shade like
A furtive animal, so afraid that my lungs
Will catch fire…

But the land endures and gives itself still
To seekers of respite or peace or,
For that someone stopping at the stream,
Sopping a cloth in cool water, taking a moment
To lie in the grass and gaze upon the sky dreaming
Dreams that float away…

“You are welcome”, the Land says, “I embrace you. 
I am land and spirit, just One, and you are
One with me.  Welcome.”


                                        Jeanie Burke

And I Sing

August 6, 2007

With open arms.

The sun facing me and behind me

                                    Heart Universe.

Water of morning.

With open hands

full of nothing.

Life that inhabits and encompasses.

This is how I ask you this evening.

This is how I toast and celebrate myself

with the strength of all eras.

and I sing songs that are rivers

eternal beings.

and I sing oceans, and I sing winds

and I sing and I open myself wide



and I sing

and I sing

… y canto

De brazos abiertos.

El sol de frente y a espaldas.

                                            Corazón Universo.

Agua de la mañana.

De manos abiertas

llenas de nada.

Vida que habita y rodea.

Así te pido en esta tarde.

Así me brindo y me festejo

con la fuerza de todas las eras.

y canto cantos que son ríos

seres eternos.

y canto mares, y canto vientos

y canto y me abro de par en par



y canto

y canto

– Angel Crego