Don’t Visit My Grave

November 1, 2006

Don’t visit my grave cause I won’t be there. 

Waste not a moment with fret or despair. 

Time spent grieving is time lost away. 

Make not that journey, no reason to stay. 

Rather than grief, regrets, and remains, 
Part with sentiment’s unbound restrains. 
Hold fast the limits of time, space and bones, 
At bay with the will to leave mine alone. 

I welcome a visit in a far distant place, 

Where death, pain and sorrow hint not a trace. 

Morning of mist, silence of dew, 

Glimpse of dawn, replenished and new. 


Come to my side where hope’s born renewed, 

Glowing of promise with much to do. 

Intention and scope, interest and grace, 

No desire, nor fear upon this calm face.  


A wisp, a scent, a hint and a clue, 

Breeze as a soft, drifting wind passing through. 

You tread on earth, I’m indifferent to place, 

Come visit me, 

In a different time, a different space. 

Philip Freeman
November 2006