March 23, 2007

Tomorrow you will weigh anchor
yes, tomorrow – today you would not be able
Tomorrow, when you leave your house in order

You will do so when the storm has passed
After smiling at error and offense,
after thanking the hand that has been held out to you
after greeting those who have crossed seas in your boat

Tomorrow you will leave, yes, in calm
when you are friends with yourself
and you decide to navigate the heavens in your own company
with only your Guide as guide for the new crossing

You will weigh anchor tomorrow, yes, definitely
when the gentle breeze and the radiant sun bless you
That is how you will move away, intrepidly looking into the infinite

– Norma Coronel
On returning from La Reja Park, thinking of my brother in his current situation



March 23, 2007

I hope that one day, my son, you understand
that life is only
a search for one´s own Destiny

I hope that you understand
that the betrayal and insult you suffer,
that the love that leaves your side,
that the dream that ends in an abyss
that everything that impedes your step
is only a small obstacle on the journey

When instead your soul shines
with infinite unexpected joy
and the kindness you feel reaches others,
when you dream or know about tomorrow
about that which has not yet even happened,
When action grows within you
in unity with your heart and mind
I hope that you intuit then
that there is a reason that you walk this world

This is the gift that I can give you today:
May you finally one day grasp, my son
that your life is a pilgrimage
in search of your profound and transcendent Destiny

Thinking of Dante on returning from La Reja, January 3, 2007