Pillar Of Reflection

July 3, 2007

 (For Janet)

When I look at you
I see myself
Standing there
By the Half Moon, High
In the Western Sky
Your Dancing Starlight
Sings to Me
And This Warm Earth
Kisses my cheek
Irradiating Light
Heavens Bound
Throughout all my being
I know why
You and I
Are here

Ken Dickinson
Red Bluff Park
June 24, 2007


 Photo Philip Freeman

The wind whistled through my reverie today
Blowing a strong message from the south
A portent for the epoch

Structures collapse and fall in these times
Pin-wheeling to the floor
Like wreckage strewn across the landscapes of life
Too heavy and difficult to ignore

Through these clouds of ignorance
An expectant primavera breeze arrives
From the high mountain chain

A baqueano centered guide
Shines through the psychosis
With a digital imaged message

Flowing through networked tributaries and media portals
Through cultures and languages
Through subways and news hour reports
Through you tubes and football stadiums

A thirty second message of light
Resisting the violence
Penetrates the madness

To fertilize the egg inside your heart
Announcing the birth of a new civilization

Mount Meru

October 21, 2006

Mount Meru

Relentlessly scaling the shadows of mind
I search for the path that I’m destined to find
A guardian that shows me which foot to place first
On this jagged rockscape I’ve clambered since birth
I’ve scrambled through places and poets and dreams
Con-tem-plating voices my consciousness streams
Light messengers calling my prana to flow
Ambrosia that feeds me warm crystalline glow
While churning that nectar I conquer the wall
That separates silence from everyday toil
This chamber of silence turns dark into white
The energy takes me through colors, sounds, sight
Vibrations, sensations that rise surge and fall
Electrification, then launch out a call
To grant me, guide, strength is my sincere request
Mount Meru’s inside me, time to manifest

Ken Dickinson 

Upon Finishing The Tokarev Report
Fresno, California
September 4, 2006

Memory Lane

September 21, 2006

 Memory Lane

I walk my lane of memories
Picked and plucked like fruit from trees
Washed in colors, sound and light
Remembrances and second sight
Old dear friends that live in me
Perception chooses what I see
And filters through a crystal screen
Reflecting moments that have been
Of time and space that live inside
My dwelling place where worlds reside
These memory landscapes old and new
Now drive my meaning, shape my view
Down memory lane, enchained and free
I wander through reality

Beverly Hills, California
August 5, 2006


September 14, 2006


Behind the costumes lives a world
Of launched intentions not quite heard
By the public on Main Street
Insincere but quite discreet
Conscious acts that slip and slide
Out through the openings we provide
Tell us what we need to hear
Tomorrowland! come back next year

While contemplating the insincere consciousness at Disneyland, USA
August 3, 2006

Ken Dickinson

Life Stream

August 20, 2006


We’re floating on life’s endless stream
Of contradictions sometimes seen
By you and I as on we grow
This current takes us fast or slow
Towards a future destiny
That’s waiting for our reverie
To burst and bubble, whirl and pool
When guided by the golden rule
Of wisdom, kindness, strong and clear
Breaks all confusion, doubt and fear
Arriving to a tranquil sea
We find our immortality

Flotamos en el río eterno de la vida
Contradicciones a veces vemos
Mientras tú y yo crecemos
Esta corriente nos lleva rápido o lento
Hacia un destino futuro
Esperando por nuestro ensueño
Para expandirse, arremolinarse y crecer
Cuando es guiado por la regla de oro
Con fuerza, bondad y sabiduría
Derrotando toda confusión, temor y duda
Hasta llegar a un mar calmo
Donde encontramos nuestra inmortalidad

Ken Dickinson- August 12, 2006
Senpiam River – Oregon
Spanish Translation – Fernando Aranguiz

The Aroma Cafe

August 20, 2006


Life comes by the Aroma Cafe
Smell it, taste it, hear it say
That our world is heating up
Too much violence in this cup
I can feel your life through this window pane
Inside, outside, not quite sane
Bombs and guns and loved ones dying
Soldiers, children, shrapnel flying
Life comes by the Aroma Cafe
It does not have to be this way

Ken Dickinson
Contemplating the violence between Hezbollah and Israel at the Aroma Cafe.  July 25, 2006