It spoke to me
Yes, it spoke to me with
Wildflowers and butterflies,
Greensward grabbing my legs
As if to say, “We belong to each other.
I am the land, you the human and I
Know that you will nurture me.
Let me grow in beauty and in spirit,
To become a holy place
For peace-seekers, place-seekers,
Wanderers with Open hearts.” 

I have stood on this land in the rain,
The air cold and snapping breathless at
My heels…
I have been breathless with the heat,
Running from shade to shade like
A furtive animal, so afraid that my lungs
Will catch fire…

But the land endures and gives itself still
To seekers of respite or peace or,
For that someone stopping at the stream,
Sopping a cloth in cool water, taking a moment
To lie in the grass and gaze upon the sky dreaming
Dreams that float away…

“You are welcome”, the Land says, “I embrace you. 
I am land and spirit, just One, and you are
One with me.  Welcome.”


                                        Jeanie Burke