The Egg Inside Your Heart

April 18, 2007

 Photo Philip Freeman

The wind whistled through my reverie today
Blowing a strong message from the south
A portent for the epoch

Structures collapse and fall in these times
Pin-wheeling to the floor
Like wreckage strewn across the landscapes of life
Too heavy and difficult to ignore

Through these clouds of ignorance
An expectant primavera breeze arrives
From the high mountain chain

A baqueano centered guide
Shines through the psychosis
With a digital imaged message

Flowing through networked tributaries and media portals
Through cultures and languages
Through subways and news hour reports
Through you tubes and football stadiums

A thirty second message of light
Resisting the violence
Penetrates the madness

To fertilize the egg inside your heart
Announcing the birth of a new civilization


One Response to “The Egg Inside Your Heart”

  1. Linda Says:

    Good work, powerful and hopeful.

    I participated of you workshop in NY. Sorry I cannot find your e mail address. Hope you read this message and can e mail me back so I can send you the poems.

    Thank you for sharing inspiration, awarness and light.


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