April 21, 2007

What shall I say of you? 

I will say that at times I dream of you clearly,
at times I wake up and feel you,
At times my eyes are truly open
and I see you, glorious. 

Of colors, forms and textures, you are a weave
of silent darkness and brilliant gold,
stimulating coffee, joyous and flavorful,
and soft threads of live porcelain.
You are made of gazes, sounds and intentions.
You change and you do not change.
You have no borders. 

At times I perceive you in the ways of the pedestrians.
I intuit you in the eyes of the people, in their gestures.
At times I feel you breathing in a subway car.
I feel your pulse and your weight on the sports field.
I detect your wisdom… I don’t even know where! 

And I long for you.
And I live to see you.
Because of you I love others, many,
almost everyone
and myself. 
Universal human nation,
we all know you.
You are the remote birth place,
almost forgotten in some corner,
among fears and intoxicating roses,
among architectural plans and screaming headlines,
crutches, wigs and  flattering mirrors.
You are among pacemakers and forecasts for the millennium. 

But in the thicket of the internal world you remain intact.
Your inhabitants live, fly, see.
And they don’t earn bread with the sweat of their brow,
nor kill,
nor die.
They are gods. 

Human Nation, you await me.
You know that one day I will find you,
and many others will find you.
Almost everyone will.
Then you will open your arms to receive us
and will not scold us for taking so long
because for you time does not exist.

Patricia Rios


A Prayer of Faith…

April 21, 2007

In the light there is no fear
In the light a troubled heart might lift its burden
In the light the sails of the mind billow open 
In the light distant harmonies beckon toward straining ears.

In the light I stand in a place as witness to an experience
the millennium of time has since forgotten
In the light it is again ours
In the light a new world begins.

Kayse Wainwright

A Living Peace Sign

April 18, 2007

Cold frigid
frigid cold
icing through
each layer of
coats pants
pants boots
boots fingers
fingers holding
the banner
that reads
nuclear disarment


People smiling
smiling people
shivering to the
pledge of peace
throughout the stone
walls of the fountain
park empty
empty park
of nothing
but people freezing
the war on love
lighting candles
candles lighting
a living peace sign
warming Washington Square Park.

Kseniya B. 

On the occasion of creating a living peace symbol,  at Washington Square Park

March 16, 2007

 Photo Philip Freeman

The wind whistled through my reverie today
Blowing a strong message from the south
A portent for the epoch

Structures collapse and fall in these times
Pin-wheeling to the floor
Like wreckage strewn across the landscapes of life
Too heavy and difficult to ignore

Through these clouds of ignorance
An expectant primavera breeze arrives
From the high mountain chain

A baqueano centered guide
Shines through the psychosis
With a digital imaged message

Flowing through networked tributaries and media portals
Through cultures and languages
Through subways and news hour reports
Through you tubes and football stadiums

A thirty second message of light
Resisting the violence
Penetrates the madness

To fertilize the egg inside your heart
Announcing the birth of a new civilization


April 18, 2007


Blow chaste wind

Push away the dust and rubbles

Pour tenderly sweet rain

Parched earth awaits you

Shine bright light

Dispel the shadow


Above ground,

Tendrils of new expression

Of life palpitate

Underneath the stars

As its beginnings intimate

A glimpse, a sound

A shimmering garb

A bustle of melody

Gratefully, joyfully

Tendrils no more

Buds eagerly peak

Out of its bough

A Life seems poised

To Grow.



Some Haikus

April 18, 2007

Beyond the mountain,
Beyond the deep-blue water,
Beyond my vision.

The leaves of autumn…
Yellows, oranges and reds.
Greens, well, they’re no more.

Gaze deep into my
soul, my love, and listen to
my heart: I love you.

Suddenly it jerks.
Violently the line is pulled.
Hey! I got a bite.

Reds, oranges, yellows
Colors of the setting sun
See the moon smile.
alone but not sad
not sad but not too happy,
maybe i’m dreaming…

the surf’s sound is loud
when it hits the beach’s sand
oh how i love it!

Rain, oh let it fall
on my face, oh wet it all
ah, rain, wash my soul.